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Patolas in Patan, Gujarat. Ikat Weaving by the Masters

My Turkish travels and studies of textiles over the years has led me further afield in search of a broader and deeper understanding of global weaving techniques that enhance and inform my understanding of the regional textiles of Turkey and it’s neighbours. That said, just over a year ago, I had the privilege of traveling with a small group in northwest India visiting the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Judy Frater hosted the group.  Judy is expert in local textiles and involved with the newly launched Somaiya Kala Vidya a training institute for traditional artisans. The highlight of the travels for me was a visit to a small workshop in Patan, Gujarat where a family of weavers were practicing their complex art of double ikat weaving producing silk wedding saris known as patola. I had handled and sold the wonderful, powerful and graphic ikat textiles of Central Asia which come onto the Turkish market but I had only studied in textbooks the practice of the double ikat weaving technique of this corner of India. The

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Out of the Closet – A Central Asian Garment

arpets, textiles, embroideries; all things tactile be they Turkish or Central Asian, from this or that corner of the globe, all have held a level of fascination for me. In my previous post I wrote about the challenge of speaking in public.  Dare I call it a phobia but whatever was at work in my psyche as an adult I have avoided situations where I have had to address an audience larger than a handfull of people.  I have had encouragement from many people in my life to break beyond this self imposed limitation. One quote that remains in my mind was from my daughter Leah, my business partner, who said, “Mom, you are passionate and knowledgable about this area just let your passion show.”  There was a definite ring of truth to her encouragement. So standing on the foundation of so many words of support, I broke through the barrier that has muzzled me publicly for years.  My thanks to each of you who spoke words of encouragement to me and helped me to open my mouth

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