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Istanbul Shopping Tour Information

Have you wondered what is in the hidden corners of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul?

Are you curious about the environs around the Bazaar?
Leah Mortensen provides an insightful, fun and comprehensive experience in the Grand and Egyptian Spice Bazaar tailored to your specific interests.
Leah is a Canadian woman who has been a resident of Istanbul for the past ten years and is a personal shopping guide in the Grand & Spice Bazaar. She has good Turkish language skills, is well connected with merchants in the Bazaar and can facilitate your shopping experience ensuring fair prices and great access to the broadest variety of merchandise. Visitors who hire Leah range from hard core shoppers who come with their shopping list to others who are more interested in experiencing the Bazaar; visiting workshops, meeting people and soaking in the ambience of this unique setting.

Leah ensures a hassle-free experience for both the shopper and the explorer alike viewing the Bazaar as a place of hidden delights. Her touring fee is a set price for the day, allowing people to chose where to purchase and is not tied to commissions like most tour guides. Her knowledge of the Bazaar and respect from the shop owners allows her to share with visitors a personal side of the Bazaar that is unknown to the average tourist. As a repeat customer she offers her clients huge benefits of top quality wares at market prices rather than the inflated prices that one time buyers experience when they visit shops on their own as tourists.

Leah has a true passion for Turkey, Istanbul and the Bazaar.

A day with Leah will maximize your shopping experience while minimizing your discomfort in this stimulating environment!