Catherine Mortensen



Antique Carpets and Textiles have been a focus for the past twenty years as I started a business in Istanbul, Turkey custom shopping for private clients for specific pieces for their homes and collections. My work has grown into my passion. I seek out every opportunity to expand and deepen my knowledge base. As an avid reader I collect and devour books, I attend international conferences, pick the brains of experts, respected colleagues and collectors to feed my curiosity at every turn. Seeking to be expert in what for me has been a consuming passion has led me down some amazing paths where I have been mentored and encouraged by world class scholars and colleagues. I have loved learning and specializing in this field especially having had the opportunity to have countless excellent pieces pass through my hands over the past twenty years.

My energies beyond the art world include my family, friends and a life long commitment to nourishing the spiritual side of my life. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, friend; all these relationships are the fertile soil of my life; they are the land that have sustained and encouraged my pilgrimages throughout the carpet and textile world and my business.

A significant change in my business model happened when my daughter, a resident of Istanbul for the past decade joined me in the business. Having an ‘on the ground’ partner in Istanbul, who is fluent in Turkish has significantly expanded our access to good pieces as they come on the market allowing us to connect specific clients with extraordinary pieces and not miss out on sourcing premier antique carpets and textiles.

An addendum to the carpet and textile business has been tours which I have undertaken with a historical guide as a partner. The trips grew out countless comments such as ‘please let me come with you to carry your bags’. I realized that there were many people keen to visit Turkey in a small group with strong historical, social and carpet/textile expertise. We have travelled throughout the country, both west and east and I have had the distinct pleasure of sharing my connections and insight into a culture where I now feel very much at home.


I eat, sleep and dream Carpets, Textiles, Turkey. I am smitten.