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Sunday Afternoon in Istanbul
A walk on the seawall in Kadikoy

hat could be more natural for a woman originally from the North Shore of  Vancouver, BC than to go out for a walk on a sunny Sunday afternoon on the seawall.  Spring is arriving in Istanbul and I had some time to myself so out I went to get some exercise and enjoy the warmth on the seawall in Kadikoy in on Istanbul’s Asian shore. As I shared the public space with so many others I reflected on the commonalities of a walk on the seawall in Kadikoy or in West Vancouver.  I also could not help but notice some details that are unique to a walk on the seawall in Istanbul.  In common on the seawalls was the diversity of people of all ages.  Benches along the way here were well used as people basked in the sun, eyes closed and the therapeutic heat erasing some of life’s cares.  There were super playgrounds for the kids, lots of parents with strollers, elderly couples arm in arm, and young couples sitting on the rocks overlooking the

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