Anticipating a Visit to the David Collection of Islamic Art in Copenhagen

After some time spent in Istanbul and Western Turkey this spring I have plans to revisit the David Collection in Copenhagen, Denmark.  I want another opportunity to  study this extraordinary collection of Islamic Art. Housed in a recently renovated space in central Copenhagen the museum is located in two early 19th c buildings thoughtfully conceived with series of intimate spaces to showcase an extensive collection and variety of art of the Islamic world.

Detail of an Ottoman Velvet Textile with a Cintimani Design with a Cloudband minor motif

When initially visiting the museum in 2011 as part of the International Conference on Oriental Carpets (ICOC) I was astounded at the superb quality and beauty of the collections. I could barely drag myself away from the museum and I had an irrational desire to set up a mattress in the centre of a gallery just to be able to keep casting my eyes on some of the pieces. Here are a few images of  some of the dynamic art that I am looking forward to having a closer look at.  There will be a current exhibit during our visit of Plant Motifs in Islamic Art.  I am looking forward to seeing the exhibit and am hopeful that it will include pieces from their collections not previously on display.


My husband Jack was born in Copenhagen and he has recently rediscovered the delight of being in a culture where his mother tongue is being spoken and so much of what was familiar for him as a child is a cultural norm.  Without a doubt we will enjoy the distinctly Danish cuisine and the visual delights that the city offers.  I love the architecture with the modernistic statements alongside the lovely old traditionally designed buildings. When last visiting Denmark we took the train to Louisiana and visited the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.  While in Denmark this spring they will be mounting an exhibit on Pop Art which we will make a point of visiting.  The venue is lovely, located on the sea with a wonderful sculpture garden on the grounds.  Wonderful to  have the option of seeing the art both indoors and outdoors.

As always my time spent in Turkey is tremendously stimulating and full of opportunity.  This time scheduled in Copenhagen is but the icing on the cake.  More textiles, carpets, architecture and culture to add to the mix that shapes my understanding and appreciation of the art of our world.

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