Sunday Morning Rambles in Beyoglu, Istanbul

Sunday evening is our start to our travels together in Western Turkey and guests from Vancouver are arriving en route via France, Switzerland, Italy and America. Of the twelve people who have joined us for this tour in Western Turkey two couples who arrived a day early express their wish to attend a Catholic mass on Sunday morning. We meet an hour early in Taksim Square and walk the side streets off of the main walking street of Istiklal through Beyoglu, the 19th c European quarter of Pera in Istanbul before arriving at the neo Gothic church of St Anthony of Padua.
After mass we walk down the hill along a street loaded with musical instrument shops past the Galata tower, a 14th c construct of the Genoese in Constantinople. Along the way we pick up a glass of freshly squeezed…pomegranate juice, refreshing and seasonal, delicious. At the bottom of the hill we walked over to the Istanbul Modern Museum for a brunch on their balcony overlooking the confluence of the Golden Horn and Bosphorus. Good food, wonderful views, new friendships and a wonderful start to our travels together. Let’s explore!



The classic red tram in Taksim Square rumbles past our meeting spot



Birds gather and splash in a fountain, enjoying the sunny start to the day



We put our heads in the door of the Flower Passage – an elegant 19th c space



Side street abundance and a riot of colour. I enjoy engaging the seller with my elementary Turkish.



Looking up. The function and elegance of a fire escape.



Sculpture in the courtyard of of St Anthony’s of Padua



The Galata Tower – still watching over the Golden Horn after 800 years. What has it seen?

6 Responses

  1. Terri says:

    Now I’m just plain annoyed that I’m not there! Beautiful photos – as usual!

  2. Vivian Thom says:

    So wish we were there! Say hi to the gang….at least we will get first hand stories from the road when they return :)

  3. Catherine says:

    Have a great trip! We are thinking of you!

  4. Robert Phillips says:

    Lovely photos, esp. the fruit/squash display

    • Catherine Mortensen says:

      Was a great start to our travels. We are now on the south coast, just up from dinner on a dock where we ended our meal with fresh figs and grapes. The bounty of this country is amazing

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