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  IN MEMORY OF: JOSEPHINE POWELL –  ETHNOGRAPHER, PHOTOGRAPHER AND KILIM SCHOLAR   1919-2007 and EVA MONLEY –  FILM PRODUCER    1924 – 2011 had an email last week that an old friend Eva Monley had died  in Nanyuki, Kenya of complications from a chest infection.  Eva was 88 years old. Five years ago another friend Josephine Powell died also at 87 years old from emphysema or COPD.  The death of Eva has made me reflect on the loss of both these women from my life. They never knew one another; lived and worked in different parts of the world; Josephine for a large portion of her life in Turkey and Central Asia and Eva often in Africa.   Their shared characters imprinted on me when I first met them in my mid forties. Together they shaped my perception of who I am as a woman and what life holds for me as woman who holds life. Eva was a film producer; Josephine an ethnographic photographer.  Both women had backbones of iron, determination, fierce independence and

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Transylvanian Carpets at the Nickle New Galleries with Stefano Ionescu

he New Calgary Rug and Textile Club hosted Stefano Ionescu for a lecture in the new Nickle Galleries at the University of Calgary in the recently opened Taylor Family Digital Library Building.  Ionescu is a resident of Rome, Italy and an independent scholar in the field of Anatolian carpets in Transylvanian churches. He presented an informative perspective on how these collections of Ottoman (Turkish) carpets dating from the 16th c onwards came to be a part of the Protestant churches décor in Romania. During the Reformation in the 16th c the churches had their traditional art removed.   Frescoes, icons and other religious art was either plastered over or in the case of icons removed from the church sanctuaries.  This resulted in places of worship with


TWO FACES IN VAN  – BEFORE THE EARTHQUAKE ack had a plan.  Jack, my husband, an inveterate people/project person, is my companion on our tours throughout Western and Eastern Turkey.  Jack loves people but he especially loves kids. The wheels were turning in Jack’s head when he visited with my niece’s husband Archie in North Vancouver. Archie, father of two, and coach of his eldest daughter’s soccer team was telling Jack about the season and about the replacement of the used practice balls with new balls for the next season.  The light went on for Jack.  In his mind’s eye he could see those kids throughout the East of Turkey without soccer balls, kicking a deflated plastic water bottle back and forth, and here was a net bag of used balls languishing in Archie’s garage.  So the small scale project, but meaningful to those involved (Jack included) began and continues.  Jack takes deflated soccer balls as well as pumps and needles that he purchases along in an extra bag to Eastern Turkey and when he

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