Art, Carpets, Food & Friendship in Cambrige, Mass.

I step onto a Caucasian carpet as I put my foot into the hallway of a Greek Revival home around the corner from Inman Square in Cambridge, Mass. The tree-lined street is home to houses that date to the middle of the 19th century and I am at the historical heart of America. As a Canadian child I learned of Paul Revere’s famous ride, the Boston tea party and as always I am so engaged to be in a historical location that I have only encountered previously in books and images.


The growing friendship and working relationship with the ‘lady of the house’ is pure pleasure. When one meets another in life where the connection is easy, shared interests unite and knowledge can be easily given and received; it is pure joy.

My four days in Cambridge and Boston included a meal at a wonderful Mid-Eastern restaurant: Oleana’s  We had dinner in a small courtyard with live music and an opportunity to visit with the chef, a hard working talented woman named Ana. Best dish was chickpea terrine with tahini sauce, absolutely yummy.

Two of the museums that we visited were the Sackler Museum to view an impressive collection of Islamic Art The Sackler was also hosting a wonderful exhibition of European prints with features that attracted me of medical studies and maps. The Museum of Fine Art, Boston had two exhibits that grabbed my interest; Global Patterns – Dress and Textiles in Africa global-patterns and a wonderful small exhibition of thirty watercolors from the permanent collection. The Art of the Americas was a great, large wing filled with artists that were not as familiar to me as the art of Europe in the same time frame, but so interesting to see the differences and similarities. We had lunch in the light filled central atrium beneath the newly installed Chihuly lime green icicle tower.

Take a look at the installation video on this link to appreciate the complexities of a glass installation of this scale.

My stay was instructive for future work together and the possibilities of sourcing carpets and art for this home. A welcoming inclusiveness included a walk through Harvard Yard with the two adorable French bulldogs, discussions around the kitchen table and knowledge of each other on a personal level that will enhance our ability to communicate clearly and directly.

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