From Opera to Salsa – a Tour of Diversity in Copenhagen

Our pedometer read 18 kms today when we came through the door of the flat from our tour.  What you may ask were we up to that kept us walking for 26,000 steps today?  The day held diversity galore; treats for our eyes, ears; basically our whole beings with the exception of our tired feet.

We started with two terrific architectural stops both great contemporary design and both located on the edge of city canals.  The state Opera house has a huge presence with views across the canal to the Royal Theatre.  A cooperative young woman was responsive to Jack’s pleas in rusty Danish to gain access and so we had the building to ourselves for half an hour or so and took a ‘self guided tour’.


From there we made our way to the Black Diamond – a contemporary addition to the Royal Library.  Home to 21 million books the library is the largest in Scandinavia and the 1999 construction of the canted black glass addition affords great views from the interior of the building of the canal and skyline.From divine design to froth and festivity – we strolled through the Royal Gardens to the craziness of Carnival – a street parade with mainly percussion instruments and dancing humanity pulsing to the rhythms of the Caribbean and South America.  Infectious fun and certainly a different type of textiles than I anticipate encountering next week at the conference.  Jack and I were so swept up in the party that we took ourselves to a large park that was hosting an extension to the parade with live music being enjoyed by literally thousands of people all out to enjoy the sun, each other and the music.  So a day of diversity – sore feet but stimulation galore.

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  1. stace says:

    Dear Jack and Catherine;
    Thrilling to read of your continued amazing journeys and experiences. Love your picts and guided commentary. Can hardly wait for the St. Petersburg notes!
    Denmark: land of design…Henning Larsen is the architect for the opera house and several other great exquisitely detailed buildings around the harbour.
    I remember our time there in October, bracing, crisp blue skies. Loved Louisiana. Also saw the museum of modern art in Ahken (? I think sp) and the Heidelberg brewery where Ruth took some amazing black and whites. It would be sooo great to be there with you and see Jack in his native tongue. If my memory serves, it was also the most $$ place we saw in all our time in Europe. It was the falafel tour for sure (cuz that’s all we could afford).
    stace and ruth.

  2. Janet McL says:

    Hello Jack and Catherine, we LOVE your commentary and your photos, Catherine, and we would love to see Jack in his native land conversing in his native tongue. It is wonderful that you are having this special time together. Thanks for sharing your time with us! Blessings to you both. Much love, Janet and Howard

  3. tilling says:

    Fantastic photos! Can’t wait to see them all.

  4. Sonja Evans says:

    Hi Catherine,
    Thanks for including me on your list! It was fascinating to read your blog and to hear about your current travels in Copenhagen – a place we’re thinking of visiting in the next year or two. I had actually been thinking of you lately and feeling badly for letting our aquaintance slide, so it’s good to be back in touch. The carpet convention sounds like it would be amazing, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Have a great trip, and
    safe travels,
    Sonja Evans

  5. Darcy Peirce says:

    Hi Catherine & Jack,
    Loving your blog! Happy (and safe) travels – miss you both.
    xoxox Darcy.

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